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Vanguard Banner and Dance
Vanguard: The troops that move at the front of the army.

Usage, Procedures & Protocols
(Just plain "Good Manners")

This section will help with understanding some of the procedures or protocol to be observed in a church congregation setting.

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, in order to use appropriate colors, move and wave the banners as to be the most effective for God. Always ask God to show you what you are "saying" as you use the banners. He will give revelation of what is occurring. At times, I have seen myself rolling out a red carpet for God or His Glory covering the sanctuary. Be aware of your emotions during your worship, what are you trying to say or express to God with the banners. There are times that you will have to put down the banners because the banners cannot effectively express what can be expressed with your hands alone or in dance. There are times to be still, a time to start and a time to stop. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) Be sensitive and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Banners & Children: It is not our desire to keep children from learning to use banners in their worship of the Lord. When children are using banners/flags, they must be supervised by an adult. Banners/flags are not toys, they are instruments of worship, intercession & warfare, and children have often been seen using them as swords, hitting one another with them, etc.. Children must be taught a proper way to handle and use a banner/flag. They are beautiful when they use the banners/flags in worship. They can have fun and dance before the Lord, honoring Him in a very extravagant and special way.

Handling & Usage of Banners:
The first time you have a desire to use the banners in a church congregation setting, you should speak with the pastor of your church. One must be submit to the leadership of their church. If your pastor does not want banners/flags used in the church, you must respect that and not use them in church. This does not prevent you, however, from using banners/flags in your own home or in other churches where it is allowed.
Whenever going into another church, you may want to ask them what their policy is in regards to the use of banners/flags. Some churches will not allow them to be used. Some allow you to use your own banners, and some have "community" banners. They, also, may have certain requirements for the usage of banners in their church. In our own church, we have many people who have banners/flags of their own and do not allow just anyone to take one of their banners/flags to use, especially Vanguard Banner & Dance Team Members. Always ask permission from the owner of the banners to use them. We have had many people who did not use the banners appropriately or had a "wrong spirit" when doing so.
We believe that in our church, we have a duty and an obligation to protect the anointing that the Lord has placed in our church body. 1st timers and those not regularly attending need to see the banner ministry leaders prior to using their banners. For the following reasons:
1. Need to see what materials are being used. (There may be limitations as to the size of flags that can be used, sequins or other things on the edges of banners/flags may be dangerous if they accidentally hit someone.)
2. They need to get a "feel" for where your heart is. We all need to be subject to authority because the only focus we want to have is on the Lord, not on ourselves. God is a God of Authority & Order (Pharaoh & Moses). We need to exalt Him and humble ourselves.
When using the banners be aware of others around you and the amount of reach you have. Some accidents will be unavoidable but we need to minimize the accidents by being responsible in our handling of the banners. "Timing is everything" It is the same with the banners.

No-Fly Zone:
Some churches may have a "No-Fly Zone", besure to ceck that with the church. Our church does have a "No-Fly Zone" located on a direct line between the Worship Leader and the sound booth. Banners in this area are restricted to only being allowed to pass through the area, but not linger or place oneself in that area to use banners. "No-Fly Zones" may change based on the location of the Worship Leader during times of worship. This will allow the worship leader to give clear signals to the sound technicians.

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