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This page is dedicated to my friend and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Religion, everyone is sick of religion.  I don't have religion,  you might say I'm religious maybe even fanatical,
yet, I don't have religion.  What I do have is a personal relationship with the one & only God, creator of the universe.
 He has given me a miracle and has place me in a ministry.
 On this site you can find out what I believe and how you, too, can begin a Christian life.

Banner & Dance Ministry
Scriptural Basis   |   What is a Praise Banner Guard?   |   Types of Banners
Colors & Motions   |   Flag Construction Notes   |   Using Banners/Flags& Dance
Worship Resources   |   Prayer Banners

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Music Section!
Music to Heal the Soul.

Books Section!
We thought these books were so good, we decided to share them with you!
Many of the books listed are reference materials we use in our Banner & Dance Ministry.

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Resposiblity in Free Speech

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